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Why go to Dealer Pawn and Jewelry to get a loan?

Dealer Pawn and Jewelry offers the consumer a quick, convenient, and confidential way to borrow money. A short-term cash need can be met with no credit check or legal consequences if the loan is not repaid. Simply bring in your items and we'll evaluate it on the spot to determine the value.

How does a Dealer Pawn and Jewelry loan work?

A pawn loan is typically meant as a short-term loan when you get in a pinch and need some quick cash. Just bring in your items of value and a valid state-issued picture ID. We'll evaluate your items and give you a cash loan on the spot. Then return in the allotted amount of time (typically within 30 days, or 60 days) and pay back the loan plus the pawn service charge to redeem your items. If you are unable repay the loan in full by the due date, you can always pay the monthly fee to extend it; it's that simple. There are no complicated forms or hassles, and the whole process is usually done in under 10 minutes.

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